Our Philosophy

If whole countries can almost go bankrupt overnight, no money management strategy can be totally watertight and 100% safe, but it is possible to limit your risks, and that’s what we do for a particular niche of clientele.

By investing in things that are bit less glamorous and hyped, by avoiding anything that feels like a bubble we lose the excitement of the next big thing but gain from the satisfaction of knowing we can keep our clients wealthy. Our primary goal is to at least give back what they trusted us with, hopefully more, so they can continue their lives as wealthy and successful people without worrying about having to start again.

So if you are a celebrity seeking a safer home for your money so you have something reliable to fall-back on when that last blockbuster is put to bed or a high-net-worth businessman who wants a secure future after the business ship has sailed, Money Simply can help.

We make Money Simply Managed, so you need to worry about it. We don’t invest in things the average person doesn’t understand, we don’t invest in products that leverage the gains, and the losses, we don’t invest in anything that smacks of a bubble.

We DO invest in things like residential property portfolios (provided the sector isn’t overheating), We DO invest in Interest bearing government bonds that are pretty much guaranteed to pay-back, and we DO invest in the shares of top companies, but only if they have a great track record, lots of assets, and are likely to be around for the long-term, so think Chemicals, Food……forget dot-cons.

Money Simply Managed should still grow your funds over time, we wouldn’t be good managers of money if we couldn’t do that, but not necessarily as spectacularly as funds investing in the latest fad like Scottish Forests or Water Softeners.

We aim to invest with a much greater degree of caution so we believe our clients are less likely to suffer complete loss than say if they speculated on Greek Euro’s or Enron. Greater piece of mind obviously has a potential downside, anticipated smaller returns, but balanced by anticipated smaller risks. That’s a strategy proving popular with people who’ve already worked hard and taken risks to get what they have today and don’t want to take big risks going forward – so they can enjoy with greater confidence (and less fees) the rewards of their hard won money which should still be safe in the future….that’s Money Simply Managed.

PhilOur Philosophy