Terms and Conditions

When you use our website, contact us to arrange an initial discussion, financial health check or authorise us to supply services you acknowledge and accept these as our terms and conditions and confirm your agreement that our dealings will be governed by UK regulations.

You acknowledge that MoneySimply is a marketing vehicle (jointed operated by SH Consulting & Marketing Limited t/a Seriously Helpful, company registered in England Number 8049481, and Chris Bromiley IFA, Registration No 12345678) designed to promote a safer type of investment to clients choosing to prefer safety over high returns. Investments will be administered through Chris Bromiley and his association as a St James Place Partner. St James Place is regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the UK and is a FTSE 100 Company with over £45 billion of funds under management for clients.

All clients will be given the opportunity to complete a Fact Find (or in the case of clients who are obviously time-poor, a self-certified online questionnaire) so that we can establish a better idea of their financial needs and attitude to risk. This may enable us to offer a proportion of your investment for inclusion in potentially higher return but higher risk asset classes, but we will never allow this to exceed 25% of your funds under management whilst you are a client of MoneySimply. To comply with our ability to offer best advice, you can opt out of this protection at any time by simply exciting your relationship with us and dealing directly with St James Place through Chris Bromileys existing consulting business, this will obviously negate any claims made as part of MoneySimply.

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